The “6×6” Duffle Bag

The “6×6” Duffle Bag is custom made in Sydney, Australia from Australian materials. Crafted from military spec Duracord 1000, this rugged and robust Duffle Bag is built to last.


Crafted from military spec 1000D Codura, this case boast tremendous durability and a great list of features. Measuring in at 120cm long, 24cm high and approx 12cm wide, The “RFSV” Rifle Case is a must have on your next Perentie hunting adventure. Available in official Pilbara (desert) Rabbit Ears pattern, green Rabbit Ears pattern and Geometric Camo pattern.


  • Same build quality/materials as used for the Australian Defence Force (ADF)
  • Stainless steel zips/hardware
  • Soft internal 10mm PE foam padding for extra weapon protection during transport and stowage
  • Heavy Duty Side Pockets for Ammunitions
  • Internal easy clean polyester lining
  • Reinforced carry handle and shoulder strap
  • Full length zipper for easy access
  • UV Stabilised
  • Weatherproof (Teflon coated)
  • Rot/Mildew Resistant
  • Breathable material
  • Designed and custom made in Australia
  • 100% Robco Products Satisfaction Guarantee